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Game created based on the Konami series, Castlevania. Where the objective consists in being an hard platformer game but also keep interesting enough so you can beat it all the way through.

  Development Notes:
Keep in mind that this is a game made in 12 days for the Really-Difficult-GameJam, remember that udates are still coming and if you find any bugs or advices that might be useful taking note of, the game page will always be open for comments!

 You play as Spark Whiterin, an hunter of the shadow creatures which is engaged with Luce Pride, a blond young woman with green eyes. Luce got stolen by a black wizard, one of the shadow creatures most feared in the region. After years away from the monster hunting career, Spark decides to take revenge on the black mage reviving the arcane magic passed by generations on his familly.
 With his Demon Banisher, a magic sword created with pure magic with the power to destroy any demon, he takes step into the Black Wizard's mansion. What dangers awaits him? Will he succeed? Take part on him and decide his fate!

Basic controlls: 
  -Z: Attack;
  -X: Jump;
  -Right Arrow Key: Move right;
  -Left Arrow Key: Move left;
  -Down Arrow Key: Crouch;
  -Escape Key: reset the game.

Install instructions

Just download, execute and play.


Castle Bender.exe 10 MB

Development log


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For those dying to the skellys: GIT GUD


Awesome game! I love the art style and the gameplay. It definitely reminds me of a difficult older game, with the graphics, music, movement, and fighting mechanic. Well made game! There are a few bugs, like clipping through walls, but aside from that it is really fun and hard!

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Thanks a lot man! The clipping through walls was a tough bug to fix, cuz its difficult to level design when you have a character with so many limitations. So I decided to leave that the way it was, since it wasn't breaking the game or anything. 

If it reminded you of older difficult games then the objective here is done! Thank you again.