Version 1.0.1

  -Difficulty toned down: Right when the game has been released, there were too many rumors that the original difficulty of the game was too hard on the final stage. So it was decided that some of the enemies and tiles should be changed in order to make the difficulty more understandable.
  -Bat's collision mask changed: The enemy "Bat" had the collision mask changed into an bigger version, so it would make it easier for it to be striked down by the player's attack. The enemy was annoying enough already.
  -Game over permanent: In earlier versions, the game over would take you back to the beginning of the stage, that was making lives a little worthless in the final level, so it was decided that a permanent game over would make the game more interesting. Hunting down those lives might be a good treat, instead of just going to the right non-stop!
  -Added checkpoint: Having to beat the entire stage all over again just to die at the boss is no fun. So a new checkpoint has been added to the final stage, right before the boss entrance.


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Aug 13, 2017

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