Version 1.1.0

-Visuals updated: Many visual features in Castle Bender have been updated to look cleaner, there’s a sweet ground dirt coming out of the ground everytime you land and backgrounds move slowly to give it a better sense of depth.

-Big fall animation: Now when spark falls from a non-lethal relatively big pit, once he hits the floor he’ll freeze for 0.33 seconds on the ground for an crouch animation.

-Sounds added: Some sound effects were added in this version. The sword swing will now execute an swing sound effect. fireballs create an explosion sound every time they hit the ground and the Skelly summons in the boss arena now make an spawn sound.

-Score system: Castle Bender now has an score system! You get 100 points for each hit on an big enemy, enemies’s deaths also gives you points. Lose 1000 points for every time you die and also 100 points for each hit you take!

-Enemy redesign: The enemy ‘Spear Knight’ got an redesign on this update! Now Spear Knight stays put in his spawn instead of stepping around everywhere. If you get close of him he’ll freeze for 2 seconds and then attack you with the spear. If you keep your distance he will prepare two bombs and, then, throw them randomly at the player’s direction.

-Final stage replacements: Enemy positions and some tiles that were moved in this update, Spear Knights have been added in specific locations and skellys are less common.

-Bug fix: in earlier versions, if you get an game over in the first Spear Knight sessions of the game. If the player keeps going throughout the first session of enemies in the game, he would be teleported into the final stage of the game. This bug fix makes it so the game restarts normally after an game over with all room-changes instances fixed.

-Room change fix: in the rising area of the game, sometimes the room change event does not get triggered when you jump towards it. This fix made so everytime you jump there, you’ll get teleported to the next room normally.

-Icon Update: Updated the game icon.


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Aug 19, 2017

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-New platforming addition: In earlier versions, Spark wasn't able to have any controll on his  mid-air movement. Now, if Spark is jumping straight up, pressing the right or left arrow keys makes him start to move slowly towards the given direction once. That makes it so Spark can finally jump over platforms even if he is touching them from the side.